Motivational Presentations – Can be tailored for a 60 – 90 minute presentation

  • A funny thing happened on my way through the Jungle!

    Jeff Solheim has been Executive Director of a not-for-profit medical organization for 20 years allowing him to travel with medical teams to some of the most desolate areas of the world. In this very visual and emotional presentation, Jeff takes participants on a trip around the world, sharing life-lessons learned from nearly every corner of the earth.

  • Nursing for the fun of it…Heaven knows it is not for the money

    Jeff reflects on over 20 years as a nurse sharing with the audience stories and lessons learned in his journey. This presentation is packed full of pictures, videos and stories that will have the audience both laughing as well as crying. Audience members will leave with a refreshed view of not only their career but life as a whole.

  • But we have always done it that way…A lighter look at the history of nursing

    Although medicine and nursing have evolved as a highly scientific and evidence based science, it has not always been that way. This 60 to 90 minute presentation looks at the past 200 years of nursing, including some of the unbelievable things that brought the profession to where it is today. Audience members will both laugh as well as revel in the evolution of the science of nursing.

  • Not all heroes wear tights

    In this presentation, Jeff introduces the audience to a cast of what seems like
ordinary characters. Through masterful storytelling, Jeff goes on to tell how
each of these “ordinary individuals” has gone on to accomplish incredible
things. The real life characters represented in this presentation include a
physician who left practice in the United States to open an orphanage in
Tanzania, a poor village boy from Uganda who realized his dream of starting a
school and hospital in the most densely populated slum in the United States
and an emergency nurse who undertook a project which has allowed hundreds
of girls to attend school in Kenya. This presentation will motivate the audience
to realize their own potential and ability to accomplish great things if they set
their mind to it.