Andrea Perry




Andrea Perry is a Registered Nurse working in Roseville, CA. She started her career 14 years ago as a new grad in the Emergency Department and knew she was home. Though Andrea loved the various roles in the ED, from charge to trauma to triage, she realized her passions were quality improvement and education, and not just at the bedside. Her ability to connect to her audience has resulted in opportunities to present at conferences across the country, meeting nurses from all disciplines and learning as much as she teaches. From teaching first semester clinical in nursing programs to developing training for RNs transitioning from the inpatient units to the ED, Andrea has found multiple opportunities to help support nurses and advocate for the ED nursing profession. She has contributed several publications to professional journals on topics including trauma, nursing roles, stroke, and more. Currently, Andrea works as an ED Clinical Nurse Educator, constantly learning new things and sharing them with whoever will listen. 

In her downtime, Andrea likes to volunteer with a local labrador retriever rescue. She has fostered and re-homed several happy dogs. Somehow, always ends up with the ones in renal failure or needing insulin injections, using her nursing skills on four legged patients as well. Not one to sit idle, Andrea is also a community member in the local college’s wind ensemble. She loves to explore outside, and northern California provides plenty of opportunities to do so. For some reason, Andrea thought 100-mile bicycle rides sounded like a good idea, so she’s been exploring a lot lately! Being active outside of nursing allows Andrea time to refresh and recharge and stay passionate about ED nursing.

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