Success Stories

We ask those that attend our courses to let us know how they do on the exam and what their celebratory drink of choice is.  Here are a few of the responses from those that have attended our review courses and have passed their exams:

" I attended the class in Newton, KS. I passed on June 30th! Whooo Hoooo!. Enjoyed the class, well prepared after sitting through the class and reviewing the material provided that day. Thank you! My favorite drink is patron shots!" - Jamie M

" I took your TCRN review in San Antonio in May, and just passed the exam! There was lots of PE vs Fat Embolus questions, ACS, Peds, and Tension PTX vs Pericardial Tamponade. Overall, I thought I was well prepared thanks to you all. Please drink a Tripel Beer, and if they don't have that, a strong Belgian beer is the next best thing! Thanks again!" - Dana M

"I took my CEN exam yesterday and passed! I want to thank Bill Light for his wonderful CEN review in New Orleans, LA last week. I would not have passed without him!!! I have a total of 2 years RN experience. 1 year in Medsurg, the other in the ED. Thanks again." - Jason P

" I took Jeff's CEN review course back in April at Cox South in Springfield, MO.  I took my exam yesterday and passed! I honestly was a little surprised I passed cause I've only been a nurse for a year and haven't even had TNCC or ENPC yet, but the exam so closely reflected everything I already do in the ER, so it was pretty easy. Jeff's review helped a ton, I read the "textbook" he brought several times through. I also used the ENA CEN practice exams and Jeff's online practice exam. Anyhow, just wanted to thank your team so much!! All that you do is so awesome and I really am thankful. Definitely will be using your guys' prep and reviews for when I take my CCRN" - Victoria R

"Thanks to Bill Light for the great review course in Davenport las week. I passed the CEN exam yesterday. Some questions seemed more difficult/vague than the CCRN exam I've taken.  Thanks again for the helpful, upbeat review!!" - Jeff B

" I took and passed my TCRN Exam today with flying colors. I was just in San Antonio this past week for the review course and the information I gained from that course made it easy. Have an Old Fashioned for me and thank you to Jeff and everyone at Solheim Enterprises for what you do." - Justin L

Please let us know how you did!

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