Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis was designed for the deep dive into the lab values that you may encounter on the job. Once the nurse is in the classroom, we will walk them through every lab value imaginable. We’re going to teach the student that each line on the report means something and is there for a very specific reason.

These numbers can explain why a patient is in the ED, what has made them ill, and how we can help them get better. We’ll walk through the lab report, line by line, and help tie all of it together. And then encourage you to bring what you've learned to the bedside.

Our Vice-President and Chief Nursing Officer, Bill Light, describes the course’s usefulness as:

“In an exceptional educational seminar you hope that you will get one or two “a-ha moments” every hour. In Overcoming Analysis Paralysis, I bet you’ll get one every 5 minutes.”

It doesn’t matter what your position is, if you touch lab work in any capacity this class will help you. It may be a lot of information, however; it is amazing.


Topics Covered:

Hematology, Electrolytes, Renal Function Tests,
Liver Function Tests, Culture & Sensitivity,
Coagulation Studies, Arterial Blood Gases, Chest X-Rays,
Testing Through the Ages (Geriatric and Pregnant Patient), Cardiovascular Studies, & Interpreting 2 & 12 Lead EKGs

This course is available in our traditional live-course format, as well as our new digital course format. If you’re interested in learning more and/or bringing this course to your organization, please contact us here.