Behind the Scenes: Online TCRN Review

Solheim Enterprises is really excited about the release (Mar. 31, 2018) of our new Online TCRN Exam Review Course. Putting together an online lecture is no small task. It required hiring a film crew, preparing the review materials, countless hours in front of the camera, and several hours of post-production editorial. That was only the beginning. We needed approval to offer continuing education for the course. And with approval, we could begin uploading the videos onto our various digital platforms so that you could enjoy this online course and benefit from its medium.

So why, you might ask, did we undertake such a mammoth task? 

There are many answers to that question. One of them is part of the core values upon which Solheim Enterprises was founded. We believe that ongoing nursing education should be made available to everyone – that includes our rural and frontier nurses. We have maintained a commitment to ensuring education is made available in smaller communities that might otherwise not receive traditional educational offerings by nationally recognized speakers. Though nearly half of our live educational offerings are made available in rural communities, we recognize that it is not physically possible to bring live education to every community. So by offering online products, we make continuing education available to all nurses, whether they live in an urban or rural setting.

We also provide some of our popular courses, like the TCRN Exam Review Course, in video format to encourage specialty certification. We, at Solheim Enterprises, believe in the professionalism of nursing and understand that specialty certification is one of the hallmarks of professionalism. By making our review courses available in a visual medium, we allow our fellow nurses the opportunity to study for their exam in a way that fits into their busy lives. Nurses can study at times that are convenient for them in a setting that is conducive to their individual needs. It also allows each nurse, with their unique learning styles, to tailor their nursing education into a format that matches their learning style. It is our hope that individualizing the learning environment through the use of videos will increase the number of nurses who pursue specialty certification.

It is our sincere hope that some of you will find the new TCRN Exam Review Course videos instrumental in helping you prepare to take the TCRN Certification Exam. It is also our sincere hope that those who watch the video series will feel better prepared to care for the traumatically injured patient, improving patient care. If we meet those goals, all the work will have been worth it!