New CPEN Blueprint Essential Updates

Welcome to an exciting new year from Solheim Enterprises! We have spent the downtime around the holidays busily planning some great new educational offerings for 2018. Last year we had great success with our roll-out of the newly updated Interactive Trauma which met with high praise from audiences around the country. We also welcomed three new speakers to our Solheim Enterprises family which brings our core speaker team up to seven. We are so honored to have a phenomenal team full of passionate and dedicated nursing professionals.

In 2018, we have carved out some pretty ambitious goals for ourselves! The first project to roll out in first quarter 2018 is a new Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN®) Exam Preparation Course to meet the launch of the updated CPEN® blueprint. The updated blueprint will do some amazing things for the organization and comprehensiveness of the CPEN® exam. I am very excited to introduce the new content and a fresh look at the existing content. A few of the highlighted areas to focus on in the new blueprint are:

  1. “Pediatric Interventions” is no longer its own section, but rather integrated into all the other sections of the exam. This makes the presentation and retention of technical skills much more organic. I am very excited at the opportunities this presents for educators to be able to better engage and reach the audiences.
  2. The traditionally dreaded “Psychosocial and Professional Issues” sections dissolved into the other content areas. This is a phenomenal change and will be a tremendous boost for learners as it removes the learning stigma from these traditionally low-scoring sections of the exam and integrates them into the other clinical areas of the blueprint. The major benefit to this change is that it takes the more nebulous concepts, such as legal regulation or care of the psychiatric crisis, and anchors them to medical and trauma events, providing better context through which to incorporate them into practice.
  3. They incorporated leading trends in pediatric health care such as sex trafficking, sexual orientation and gender identity into the exam. This is a huge step, not only for the exam, but for nursing care as a whole. By raising the question among board certified, or board-certifying, pediatric emergency nurses, these crucial areas of pediatric care will be carried to the stretcher-side and affect real change in pediatric outcomes.

The launch of the new CPEN® blueprint will be March 14, 2018. The new content can be found here

Stay tuned for new projects in our spring newsletter!

Bill Light
Chief Nursing Officer, Solheim Enterprises