From Bill's Desk: Course Development and Essential Updates

Lots of exciting updates coming your way this year! We are so happy to rollout new and updated versions of several of our educational offerings.

Interactive Trauma: Beyond the Moment of Impact

As we announced earlier this year, we completed a full update and expansion of our wildly popular Interactive Trauma seminar. This new update took all the innovative and engaging aspects of the original course and expanded them to improve the immersion and impact of the course on the participants. Some of the changes include:

  • Fully integrated Visual Basic coding into the presentation to allow for a vastly superior and robust framework for tracking patient condition and changes based on each decision the participants make. This allows for even more critical decision-making to demonstrate the risks and benefits of actions in the trauma continuum.
  • Incorporation of expanded prehospital content to the course. We are thrilled to have expanded interaction with prehospital providers and include these fundamental decisions into the iTrauma case study.
  • Creation of additional care opportunities into case study. We have now offered over fifteen additional pathways into the care for our case study to better allow for participant critical decision-making throughout the day.
  • Expanded data analysis. We have included more robust tracking of additional trauma-related factors such as resources and time-efficiency in addition to vital signs, lab values and imaging studies.

With all these updates, we are so pleased with the feedback we have already obtained from participants!

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis: Lab Interpretation Empowerment

This spring and summer Jeff and I worked diligently to update one of our hidden treasures; our lab interpretation course, Overcoming Analysis Paralysis. This is a phenomenal course which takes nurses through in-depth education on reading and analyzing all our primary laboratory values. Not only does the participant learn advanced pathophysiology and application of lab results, they also connect the classroom knowledge with bedside experiences to highlight the clinical expertise of the RN and empower them to take an active role in the patient’s clinical course. In addition to lab results, the course also teaches chest x-ray interpretation as well as advanced 2-lead and 12-lead electrocardiogram interpretation.

The best part of the two-day experience is the advanced case studies at the end of the course. These allow the participants to work together, using the new skills they have learned, to interpret results to diagnose, treat and develop teaching plans for the simulated case. This innovative course focuses on reaching out to all the varied learning styles to deliver education that will reach practitioners from all areas of healthcare and experience levels.

With the updating of these two seminars, we are seeing our speaker calendars fill up fast! We have been expanding our speaker staff this year to accommodate the huge influx of course requests. If you are interested in bringing one of these, or any other of our educational offerings, to your organization, do not hesitate to reach out to me at or our Operations Manager, Thom Larkin, at

Bill Light