From Jeff's Desk: Preparing for Big Changes in 2018


As many of you know, I have the distinct privilege of serving at the President of the Emergency Nurses Association beginning January 1 of 2018. This is an honor given to only 47 emergency nurses who have preceded me as President. I approach this new task with great excitement as well as with a little anxiety for the challenge that is laid before me.

Many of you have asked me how this will affect both my ability to be able to continue presenting education throughout 2018 as well how it will affect Solheim Enterprises overall.

The answer to the first question is that the demanding schedule of the ENA presidency will require me to reduce the number of speaking engagements I am undertaking throughout 2018. Fortunately, we have had over a year to prepare for this eventuality and we have been recruiting as well as training a number of nationally known speakers to join our team during this year. Aside from me, our speaker list includes Bill Light, Kevin Schitosky, Sonni Logan, Micheal Heuninckx, Andrea Perry and Kristen Cline. All of these speakers join Solheim Enterprises with a strong background in both speaking and educating. After joining Solheim Enterprises, they spend a number of months training with me in the art of public speaking and all of our speakers will continue to present the same seminars and materials that I present. So while the number of educational offerings that I will personally present will be reduced throughout 2018, we will continue to offer the same high quality educational offerings in the same style as myself. In other words, the work of Solheim Enterprises will continue without disruption throughout 2018.

My involvement in Solheim Enterprises will also be reduced throughout 2018 but we have also been preparing for that eventuality. Bill Light, our chief nursing officer and Thom Larkin, our Business Director, have both taken on additional responsibilities that would normally fall to me in preparation for 2018. In addition, Micheal Fredericks recently joined the Solheim Enterprises team to take on some of the workload that I would normally do. Although Michael currently calls Portland Oregon home, he originates from New Jersey. Michael has a strong background in multimedia and videography, as well as experience in social media and marketing. Michael is joining our team as our Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. His areas of responsibility will include maintenance of the website (if you haven’t visited our website in the past month, drop by and see the work Michael is doing at, social media, marketing and oversight of our online products. 

I cannot think of a more supportive team to surround myself with as I begin this exciting journey in my life. I can honestly tell you that I will be able to focus on my new responsibilities with ENA in 2018 knowing that Solheim Enterprises is in the capable hands of our top-notch speakers and office staff. I appreciate all of you, our clients, for continuing to support Solheim Enterprises, as we work towards our vision of providing the best quality nursing education to our nursing peers even as I step back for one year. I trust you, like me, can rest in the fact that our mission will continue with the incredible Solheim Enterprises team, even as I temporarily take on my new role.

Until next time,
Jeff Solheim