Jeff is CEO of Solheim Enterprises, and Executive Director & Founder of Project Helping Hands, a 501(c)3 non-profit, sending medical teams to worldwide regions of extreme poverty.  

Jeff is an acclaimed nursing educator, an entrepreneur, and a motivation speaker.  He weaves stories from around the world - and brings his audiences to tears of laughter with his infectious humor and nice guy personality.  

Jeff sits on the Board of Directors for the National Emergency Nurses Association, and is published in multiple magazines and journals, and has done extensive work in research, writing, and preparing nurses for the CEN Exam.  Jeff is constantly on the road teaching and interacting with nurses in North America and around the world.

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Jeff is also the founder of Project Helping Hands, a non-profit that sends medical teams to the poorest regions of the earth.  Jeff and PHH have over 20 years experience organizing and leading medical teams. From the jungles of Bolivia / Peru, to the streets of Port Au Prince, the great tribes of Africa, and the people of the Philippines and SE Asia, Jeff and his teams have been visiting new cultures, and serving those in need, or as Jeff calls it, adventure with heart.  

Project Helping

"Our goal is to provide quality health care where there is none and develop locally operated clinics in these locations. We also strive to provide an unforgettable personal growth opportunity for the volunteer."