Jeff Solheim | President & Speaker


Jeff has been delivering both motivational speeches as well as health-care related education to audiences all around the world for over ten years. He has been invited to speak at venues as diverse as the International Emergency Care Conference in Gold Coast Australia to the National Emergency Nurses Association Convention here in the United States. 

Currently residing in West Linn, Oregon, Jeff is a Registered Nurse with a varied background. He has worked on medical-surgical units, intensive care units and the emergency department, serving in roles as diverse as staff nurse, flight nurse, nursing administration, trauma coordinator, nurse educator and state surveyor. Since 2004, Jeff has authored eight books and contributed to numerous others while traveling around the world delivering seminars and speeches to more than 500 audiences.

Jeff sits on the Board of Directors for the National Emergency Nurses Association, and is published in multiple magazines and journals, and has done extensive work in research, writing, and preparing nurses for the CEN Exam. Jeff is constantly on the road teaching and interacting with nurses in North America and around the world. 

Jeff is also the executive director and founder of Project Helping Hands, a non-profit that sends medical teams to the poorest regions of the earth. Jeff and PHH have over 20 years experience organizing and leading medical teams. From the jungles of Bolivia / Peru, to the streets of Port Au Prince, the great tribes of Africa, and the people of the Philippines and SE Asia, Jeff and his teams have been visiting new cultures, and serving those in need, or as Jeff calls it, adventure with heart. 

Jeff is known to weave his down-to-earth speaking style with his incredible sense of humor and stories from around the world to create memorable presentations and seminars.