Online Classes


Solheim's Online CEN Exam Prep Course

Is your CEN Exam coming up and you can't find a live review in your area? Do you have a busy schedule and prefer to work through content at your own pace? Choosing Solheim's Online CEN Exam Prep Course may be right for you!

CEN Webinars

The CEN Exam covers a broad range of topics, however; there are some topics that we can't fit into our 2-day live review class. So we've made a series of 14 webinars to help fill in any gaps and answer any questions that you may have before your exam!

CPEN Webinars

If you're preparing for a CPEN Exam and need a preparation course to help in your review, our CPEN Webinars might be the perfect tool to bring you to the finish line. Bill Light, our CNO, will guide you in order to prepare you for your upcoming exam!